Your Resume is a Great Antecedent Intervention.
Make Your First Impression Count.


as BCBAs, we've hired and helped other ABA organizations hire, so we know what ABA organizations are looking for when sifting through that stack of resumes and how to make YOUR resume stand out

What will you receive?

  • Quick Turnaround - 24-hour turnaround so you won't miss applying for that job 

  • Grammar/Spell Checked - edited document in which spelling, grammatical errors and typos have been corrected

  • Professional Format - clean and readable format for hiring managers

  • Skills Suggestions - we'll help you improve conveying your strengths and skills

  • Summary - the work that has been done and any major concerns

*if additional information is requested by Pair, the resume owner will be responsible for responding within the 24-hours in order to meet any deadlines.

**we make no guaruntee that resume owners will receive job interviews or job offers.

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